Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Idiots on the Road

I see so many fuckin idiots on the road and it seems ever more the case during the holiday season. I saw a Maxima smashed into a parked car. Of course, the drunk asshole - how do I know the driver was drunk? Who else abandons their car like that?? - was nowhere to be found. He / she just left the car there, 1/2 way on the sidewalk. Fuckin idiots. A few weeks ago, I saw a girl standing in the middle of the intersection at 2 in the morning after she had smashed her brand new IS250 into another car. Drunk ass whore.

So be careful, don't let that fool in the hooptie DC1 Integ with the shopping cart rear spoiler, Tenzo wheels and APC taillights motivate you to step on the gas. Why waste the time, effort and petrol to fuck around with a car that's not even worthy? Don't drink your ass off and not expect to get into some trouble or another. I know what you're saying... "I've never been caught before." Well, knock on wood mother fucker. It's a numbers game and you will eventually kill someone, kill yourself and / or get busted by FIVE-O.