Friday, September 12, 2008

Pray to The Lord

You know, it's bad enough that fake ass parts are being gobbled up like free pussy from a fat chick. It's even worse when these fuckin assholes blatantly put their fake ass products out there without any level of shame whatsoever. It's amazing how these fuckers stay in business. Case in point: GodSpeed Project (you know, it's an even greater shame that they would put the word "God" in their name). Look at the great collection of sheer copycat products and bullshit they proudly display on their website.

Believe it or not, they even named this "SSQV Blow Off Valve"

"Type 50mm Blow Off Valve" - an obvious copy of the Tial piece

"Type S Blow Off Valve" - an obvious copy of the GReddy piece

Geez, looks awfully similar to HKS' Carbon Ti exhaust

Another blatant copy of an HKS exhaust system

Shall I go on? There is what seems like an endless selection of fake ass, copycat bullshit products here at bargain basement prices. But it doesn't end there. These fucks offer things like "coilover suspension" systems. Take a look at this one:

$450 for this "coilover suspension"

Would you trust this shit? Doesn't it seem a little too good to be true? A "T4 AR70" turbocharger for $500.00? Yep, you can find one here. Hell, why pay thousands for a Garrett or HKS turbocharger when you can get one "just as good" from GodSpeed Project, right? Afterall, these fucks use the tagline "The Art of Performance." (they should rename themselves "The Art of Chinese-Made Chicanery") I mean, who WOULDN'T buy performance products these fucks, right?

Bottom line is, this kind of shady, bullshit operation wouldn't exist without buyers. Buyers who don't care about quality. Buyers who don't care about where shit comes from. Buyers who only give a shit about money they "save" by buying bullshit products. You're the same fuck that buys fake Bape t-shirts, download illegal copies of movies, use coupons at McDonald's and steal cable / satellite television.

Seriously. If you feel this fuckin crap is worthy to put on YOUR car (and more than likely, you drive a piece of shit to begin with), then I seriously suggest you pray a little before you get behind the wheel. Not only are you exhibiting bad taste and fuckin cheap ass behavior, you're fuckin with shit that can (and will) explode, fail, grenade, ping and detonate.

Heaven help you.