Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Ugly Girlfriend - An Update

In this earlier post, I spoke of this wanna-be HKS exhaust made by XO2. Who da fuck is XO2? Unless we're talkin about Remy or Hennessey XO, I have no fuckin clue either. Just for shits and giggles, I took a peek at the thread on - generally speaking, Z owners are the biggest faggots and posers on the planet with their fake Nismo bodykits, prediliction toward all things show and rarely go and a desire to find "racing tires" for 19" wheels - and found some rather interesting posts.

"We have not dynoed this exhaust ourselves and I do not believe XO2 Racing has either"

The selling vendor, Invision Performance (yet another mail order house), is selling an exhaust without even knowing if it makes any power.

"Any word yet? i'm in need of new tips for jdm theory on oct 6 =("

Funny how this faggot is readying his car for JDM Theory, yet his exhaust isn't JDM. I suspect the rest of his car isn't very JDM either.

Anyways, he and others keep inquiring about tips. What's that about?

Lo' and behold, RUSTED exhaust tips - looks like cheap steel, chromed cheap

"And not pictured is the fact that you are supposed to get 4 screws, 4 nuts, and 4 washers for installing the tips; I got 3 screws, 3 nuts, and 1 washer."

What's wrong with this picture? And not enough screws, nuts and washers either!

"The money I will waste would probably have gotten me a better system that would have been installed at this point."

No shit, sherlock. It's funny how these fuckin idiots rant and rave about this blatant copy of an HKS exhaust system because "it's just like the HKS system, but cheaper" yet turn around like a 2-faced little bitch and go on and on about how shit doesn't fit, shit's missing, yada yada yada. You get what you fuckin pay for. Perhaps you'll think about shit like this before you try to save a few bucks by buying bullshit.