Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Must Attend Event of the Year

No, not really. I was looking at someone's Myspace page and came upon this rather peculiar digital "flyer" for a club night in Hollywood. It is apparently for Jenny Chu's birthday. Yes, the same one I deemed as the stunt double for Shrek. And as is usually the case for intellectually challenged ("birds of a feather flock together"), there is a throng of "models" that are making a "guest appearance" at the club that night. Wow. What an opportunity to behold the beauty that these "models" possess. And all of them combining to create intellectual capacity that's LESS than a Sony PSP! Half of them look like fuckin mail order brides. I'm inclined to ask, "What do we get for $10.00? You love me long time? Sock it to you?" Most of them are no hotter or any better equipped in the mammary area than any plastic'd out Asian whore at an Asian-centric club in Hollywood any given night of the week. There are a few standouts, but those are the exception, not the rule. Have a look for yourself. Have a look at the titilating attractions to come. Boy, I can't wait! (yes, I say that with a certain level of fuckin sarcasm).